6 weeks to 12 months old
Bright blue and full of fun, this room provides a happy, yet peaceful place where infants can learn their way around, get their legs, and play with plush toys, little hands books, and cuddly animals. Our Center is clean, tidy, and infant-friendly with soft corners, rugs, and cribs. You’ll be comforted knowing your child is continually cared for, and kept clean and dry by our attentive professional staff and aides.
When naptime comes, there are blackout blinds to darken the room so they can get the rest they need.


One to two years old
On their toes and ready to go!! These kids are ready for the big time!
Learning is now fun as we start to recognize the world around us, and how this
does that, and that does this. We are learning the importance of sharing,
and playing together as individuals, and as friends.


Three to four years old
We are continuing, and practicing our learning the importance of sharing, and playing together as individuals and as friends. We are always thinking of new projects and activities to engage your children in an environment that is both educational and fun!

Blue Crabs

Five to twelve years old (School age)
A much better alternative to “latch-key” children, coming home to an empty house!!  You will be able to  concentrate at your work, or just plain relax, knowing that your children are in a safe, supervised  environment. Why not get the homework finished at The Bay Kids? We have tables, chairs, and quiet  areas where you child can do homework, read, are hang around with the new friends they make in our before and after (or both) programs! We have a Dowell Elementary and Mill Creek Middle School bus that picks them up from, and brings them back  to our Center where they are met by one of our aides. No more worrying about them being at home alone or unsupervised!!